So You're About to Get an Colonoscopy...


What is a Colonoscopy?


A colonoscopy is a procedure where a very small camera on a thin, flexible tube takes pictures of your rectum and colon. You will be asleep during this procedure.



Why is a colonoscopy important?


Your doctor needs to see inside your bottom to find out why you are feeling sick.



What happens during a colonoscopy?


  • Before you have a colonoscopy you will have to clean out your colon. You do this by drinking only clear liquids and a special drink.

  • You may feel a little hungry during the colonoscopy prep since you will not be able to eat. The best thing to do is stay busy during this time.

  • The special drink is a liquid mixed with fruit juice. Some kids say the taste of the drink is very sweet. Mixing it with juice will make it taste better. The drink will help clean your colon for your test.

  • During your colon prep it is important to be near a bathroom because you will have to use it a lot.

  • After your colon is cleaned out, you will have to go to a special place called the OR to have your colonoscopy.

  • You will wait in a room called pre-op.

  • Then you will go to the operating room (even though you are not having surgery)

  • When it is time for your colonoscopy you will take a short bed ride form the pre-op to the operating room.

  • This is where you will give hugs and kisses and say goodbye to your parents.

  • The nurses that take you into the operating room will stay with you the whole time, you are very safe, and your parents will wait in the waiting room.

  • The nurses and doctors will be wearing funny outfits that are made to keep everything very clean.

  • Once you get to the operating room you will see a lot of equipment. None of the equipment is there to hurt you, it is there to help the doctor. There will be big lights hanging down from the ceiling like the lights at the dentists office. These will be bright but will not hurt or touch you.

  • You will meet your anesthesiologist in the operating room. This is the person who will give you the medicine to make you go to sleep during your colonoscopy. The most important thing to remember about your colonoscopy is that you are asleep the whole time and you will not remember or feel anything. Your sleepy medicine goes into your IV. You will also get sleepy air through a mask. All of this medicine will keep you asleep during your colonoscopy. Anesthesia is a special sleep that is different from when you are asleep at home.

  • After your colonoscopy is all done you will wake up in a room called recovery. Here you will see your parents waiting for you. You will spend about an hour in recovery and then you will either go home or you will stay in the hospital until you feel better.



What is your job during a colonoscopy?


  • Follow the instructions of your nurses and doctors

  • Take deep breaths before you go to sleep



What makes a colonoscopy easier?


  • Ask questions before the procedure so that you know what is going on

  • Bring something to do while you wait in pre-op

  • Take deep breaths and think of a nice place when you are going to sleep

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